Guidelines for Families/Friends

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 8 AM – 3 PM Monday – Saturday. Each visit is 1 hour in length. You must call the Counseling office or SSD in the Bungalows to schedule a time.


No more than 2 visitors per resident per visit. Community Care Center recognizes that emergencies and special circumstances do arise and exceptions may be made. Please notify the Administrator in advance for approval from the administration. All visitors must register in our guest book located in the lobby and provide identification.

Children must be accompanied by an adult, event in the front lobby. They may not be left unsupervised.

The physician may restrict visitation from any visitor, without advance notice to the individual restricted, for therapeutic reasons. In some cases, visitations may be supervised if it is felt that supervision would be of benefit to the resident, at the request of our staff, their conservator, or case manager.

The facility will restrict visits from any person who demonstrates inappropriate/disruptive behaviors. Those who have failed to comply with facility rules/policies previously will also have restricted visits. Should a serious problem(s)/issues(s) arise or repeated failures to comply with rules/policies, visitation will be denied.

Personal Items

All items brought into the facility for any resident (e.g. cigarettes, snacks/food, clothing, radios, etc.) must be checked in with staff in the lobby with reception as all are subject to approval, including food & snacks. Food & snacks are to be consumed in the Visiting Room. All other items that will stay with the resident will be marked with the resident’s name and inventoried in their chart.
Please bring non-caffeinated beverages only.

Our contraband list is strictly enforced. Please carefully read before purchasing or bringing in any items as they will not be admitted into the facility.

Additional Information

Residents may not leave the facility without prior approval.

While visiting, all visitors are expected to abide by all of the rules/policies of the facility. All bags that go into the facility may be thoroughly searched by our staff. Residents are never permitted to have in their possession lighters or matches.

All money – cash, checks, or money orders are to be given to staff only. Do not give it to the resident. You are expected to give it to the staff in the lobby during regular business hours.

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